How to make the best of a down day?

Make the best of a down day

Do you know those days when you wake up tired or too sore for anything? Maybe you did a lot, maybe too little. I know the feeling. In fact, I’m intimately familiar with the drift to laze & eat all day. Which isn’t the end of the world still frequently leaves me just as tired, plus querulous. When I manage to drag myself outside and move a little however, I usually feel a lot better.

One of the thoughts that help me towards this is GMB fitness hack #3: “Don’t be afraid to do the bare minimum.

With this relaxed intent it gets a good deal easier for me to get my ass up – and perhaps go for a walk. Scout around for spots to try stuff at, balance, stretch, play a game, do silly locomotion or give a go at something you’re currently practicing. Just do without expectations or squinting at personal records. Keep it playful, look around, breathe.

Sometimes when you lazily play (plaze) like this, you come up with whole new ideas or move in ways which previously got the short end of your busy schedule. Most of the times it will make your day so much better! And then, as with everything: Doing a little, a lot, does amount to a good deal.

So when that next down day strikes: Happy plazing! :D