Our mind is a tool

the question is, do you use the tool
or does the tool use you.

– Zen Proverb

ungroundedly anxious

Are you too sometimes riddled with self-doubts tho you got tons of experience?

Be it as a trainer, entrepreneur, parent, child, spouse or friend – the best we can do is to be fully present for one other.

Open, attentive, emotionally available.

Which naturally doesn‘t work well if anxious, thinking we had to prove or defend our selves.

What relaxes me in such cases is to shift focus. From ‚how to impress‘ or ‚how to get the most‘ to ‚how to serve‘.

Or from a need to be right / give advice to a desire to understand / learn.

Often enough such shift brings instant relief.

Why, all the energy previously caught wheeling around my self and associated doubts, wants or worries suddenly gets freed up and directed to learning, serving and figuring out solutions.

Which is a deeply satisfying process.

Also, since our nervous systems interact, the ease arising with such mindset helps people in range to jointly relax, think rationally and open up.

Which in turn makes it easier for all involved to recognize restricting beliefs or patterns, come up with creative solutions and cooperate on implementing what benefits the community.

That said–an intent to serve does not mean you tolerate bullshit!

Aim to serve yet take no bull

You can only effectively be there for others if you command the necessary energy.

This is why aiming to serve also comprises that you jointly take good care of yourself.

For example in that you

  • speak up

  • communicate wishes or needs

  • establish boundaries

  • create & share

  • embrace being imperfect

  • practice self-compassion

  • ask for help where sensible

  • and allow your fellows to support you just like you enjoy aiding them.


I myself have lots to learn in this context

My hope is that sharing these insights will help me realize them more frequently.

And maybe, if you‘re on a smiliar journey, we can remind & support each other.

So yay, on to being sources of ease!

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