Special: April 14-18th, Ape Living Retreat, Costa Rica

Play in Paradise

relax, rewild, feel at home in your body

Like what you see of our sessions? April 14th-18th I’m blessed to teach at the Ape Living Retreat in Costa Rica — which means an additional chance to meet and experience MonkeyFit in paradisiac surroundings where you can…

  • Climb trees, explore the river and epic waterfalls, walk barefoot and sunbathe

  • Enjoy an abundance of fresh, local, raw, organic, seasonal fruits, veggies and coconuts

  • Join in enlivening sessions – including natural movement, roughhousing, play, breathwork & somatic practices – that allow you to expand your neural connections, enhance coordination, discover ressources which help you self regulate, evolve and really feel at home in your body

  • Connect with great fellow apes, exchange about permaculture, sustainable living

  • relax and find stillness with silent mornings and nights

Sounds rad? Find out more on this bucket-list event at ApeLiving.com