Hi, I’m Astrid

Disenchanted with the onesidedness of most sports, the bore of workout routines and the fact that my back pains persisted with either, I set out for a more wholesome approach.

One that brought back the joy of moving.

Something you could do anytime, anywhere — in the city as well as the jungle.

Movement and practices that were varied, exciting, had you well-rounded — while at the same time allowing you to heal and stay nimble till you drop.

What I found exceeded my expectations:

A way that does not only keep you fit in a highly enjoyable way but allows you to constantly widen your skills, outgrow limitations, gather courage and become more confident in the process.

Its colours come from natural movement, parkour, play, martial arts and other traditional practices as well as somatics, psychology and neuroscience.

Its essence is to see and use widespread opportunities to steadily explore, play, connect and learn.

To hereby become more aware, appreciative and able to self-regulate. Thus constantly evolve in all areas of life — and really grow instead of just age.

As a reminder to stay playful and not take anything too seriously, I decided to call it MonkeyFit.

Astrid Bösser
Astrid BösserMonkeyFit Coach

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