‚Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?‘
‚That is the only time a man can be brave‘

– George R.R. Martin

Keep this in mind so you’ll never waste energy on zinging yourself for being afraid.

Courage is doing what we’re afraid to do.

That’s to say, you can only be brave when scared.

Heartening, ain’t it?

So let’s put that in your pipe and smoke it: It’s perfectly alright to be afraid!

We’re in good company too. Heros of all ages experienced fear while they did what they’re now known for.

And then, sometimes it’s the small, quiet things that have more impact than expected. Like a smile. Or lending a hand to someone when he needs it most.

The best way out is through

Sometimes it’s hard to recall it’s only our amygdala running wild.

So it’s good to breathe deeply, smile and remind ourselves.

Like – Hey there, Amygdala. (Or Amy for short) Slow down a bit, will you? Gimme some time to check.

And then, let’s use this scary shit to practice!

Why hey, I love myself and I know I’ll be proud of myself if I tackle this.

No matter whether I succeed at first try.