How cool, how quiet is true courage!

Fanny Burney

Meditation helps to calm and control our thoughts.

Even 5 minutes help you stay more serene. I know ’cause I felt obliged to get on my ass and mediate at least a few days in line before commending it to you.

Anyway, a good way to start is to sit erect, pull the back of your head towards the sky and breathe deeply and calmly through your nose.

Now, let pass whatever thoughts come to mind.

Slightly easier: Put on a relaxing piece of music that will last for around 7 minutes.

Here’s a Spotify playlist with songs I like.

It will help calm you. Serve as a timer. And, if you listen to ever the same song, this one will become an anchor. Aka make it easier for you to drop right back into a relaxed state whenever you listen in.

Other than that, you can use a mantra.

Inhale, think ‚I love myself‘; exhale, let go of whatever response comes up.

Might sound cheesy but our nervous system responds very well to this affirmation.

And yeah, all comes with practice.