Armory of Courage

Nine tools towards braving fear and acting helpfully

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It’s alright to be afraid

You can only be brave when scared. So let‘s be grateful for feeling afraid, for this is half of what it takes for acting courageous

Admit you’re able

When afraid, rather than thinking or saying 'I can't', be honest with yourself & admit that you can, just might not be willing to risk imagined consequences

Breath, Smile, Tribe

If you feel paralyzed, smile. Our brain takes smiles as evidence that everything’s alright & signals our nervous system to unwind. Even a faked smile helps

Love yourself

Love is a strong, nurturing emotion that helps supersede fear. Loving someone gives you courage. You can make this strength permanent by loving yourself.

Still your mind

Meditation helps to calm and control our thoughts. Even 5 minutes in the morning can make you feel more serene and clear throughout the day.

Give yourself credit

Past accomplishments sponsor confidence thus help gather courage towards further undertakings. Appreciate and give yourself credit for what you tackled.

Act full-assed

Be honest with yourself. If something is important to you, convince yourself you are able to, and do what it takes

Live consciously

Self-Esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves. We can raise it by being honest with ourselves, taking responsibility & thinking independently

Repeat, evolve, enjoy

Find out what it takes, break down the journey into small steps, take the first right away. Make practice a habit. Repeat, evolve & enjoy