Movement as a resource in neurological diseases

If you or a dear fellow are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sklerosis  or comparable neurological diseases, possibly cumbered by a certain frustration that sets in when you feel there’s nothing you can do — buck up! There definitely is! You’ve probably seen academic research advising you to exercise. Luckily there additionally are people who research into which sorts of movement your nervous system can profit most from (e.g. walking and related movements over cycling or swimming) and how you manage to come up with an exercise regimen that you will actually keep to.

In last Saturday’s symposium Movement as a resource in neurological diseases (expertly organised & hosted by Dr.  phil. Mareike Schwed, Neurowerkstatt.) I had the pleasure learn hear more on this. I am very happy to see this path finally explored and will do my best put together what I recall into some reasoned, generally intelligible articles.

It will take a while though so, in the meantime, do have a look a these topics which Prof. Dr. Monika Greening jointly emphasized as highly valuable resources:

At root, no matter whether you can move on your own or could use some help to first get started: Do it! When you can’t run, walk; when you can’t walk, crawl — or ask someone to lend you a hand. Shortly you can do so much more than you think you can. You will enjoy it (important!). You will make friends (another important point!). You will feel so much finer than you thought you could.

So, while I slowly get together more detailed information, do come out and play!

Also, if you happen to live close enough to Pfungstadt, Germany contact Dr. phil. Mareike Schwed, Neurowerkstatt. She offers individual training as well as workshops in which you learn which sorts of training you can profit most from and how to get started.