Life shrinks or expands in proportion to our courage

Anaïs Nin

For more elusive goals, we need to find out which steps we must take to get there.

It helps to set intermediate objectives.

Then break down the journey into steps small enough for you to look forward to tackling them.

Determine at which times you will do what, and take a tiny first step right away.

Then take the next, and keep up for more than seven times. It may turn into a habit then and get a bit easier.

At any rate, practice helps automate a move or task.

Hereby helps reduce the initial level of fear.

Also, regularly facing fears and finding our way through is a highly rewarding practice in itself.

For every time we manage to muster the courage to tackle, or maybe even succeed at, something we enjoy, we expand our lives & reclaim freedom.

So let’s make this practice a habit. Repeat, evolve & enjoy!