Tell a man he’s brave and you help him become so

Thomas Carlyle

This explains why it is a good idea to respect ourselves. As well as the task.

Past accomplishments build confidence. Hereby help gather courage towards further challenges.

Still, when we tackle something that’s hard for us to do or even dare, many of us tend to quickly belittle it.

As in saying or thinking, okay but someone else would be able to do that on his head.

Sod that! Every time we do what’s difficult to us, it’s worth to appreciate and give ourselves proper credit!

Choose the empowering perspective

Positive thinking ain’t about pie in the sky.

It’s choosing a way of looking at things that supports your endeavours.

If a task has us so scared it takes lots of courage to even approach. That fact that we do is worth being recognized.

Imagine: You dare a scary but feasible jump.

You don‘t quite make it. Yet fail skillfully enough to get away with only a bruise. And immediately know that all you lacked is a bit more decision.

In my mind, you just made a valuable step forward.

You can now choose to focus on your perceived inability. Hereby make yourself miserable and rob valuable energy.

Or honor your effort. In that you’re proud you dared, and happy since you realize you are able to stick this. Next time, all you gotta do is go ahead just a little more single-minded.

Guess which way of thinking will make more likely that you’ll succeed.