How to soothe our nervous system

At times will or reason aren’t enough.

The quickest way to regulate our nervous system is via natural and somatic approaches.

The help overcome adverse effects of our automated fight or flight response much more efficiently than we could be reason.

So we can quickly regenerate and settle back into a state in which we’re able to use reason and skills.

Here’s 7 somatic tools

  1. Shake off tension – shake like a wet dog fresh from a pond. Especially after conflicts or challenges. Releases tension and helps your nervous system reset.
  2. Roll tongue – Move your tongue forward, roll it up and press it against your upper palate. You can always use this in combination with other techniques.
  3. Smile – Even just in sympathy with yourself. Doesn’t matter. Our brain takes smiles as evidence that everything’s alright. This signals our nervous system to unwind. And sure, we can as well give smiles to support our fellows. You never know who can really do with one.
  4. Cold exposition – Every acute exposure to cold activates our vagus nerve. Whether we take a cold shower, put ice cubes on our face or jump around outdoors half nekkid despite freezing temperatures. Our body adapts. Activates our parasympathetic nervous system which leads i.a. to increased mental clarity, lighter mood and reduces pain.
  5. Hum, Sing, purr – all of this activates our vagus and calms us down
  6. Whatever your do – breathe deeply and slowly
  7. Find people you trust – We’re more at ease in a community of people we trust and who support us. So if you can’t get yourself to tackle some scary thing all alone…

Test which works best for you and apply frequently

Would like some re~minders?