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You choose... - Some of these Monkeys were told they could never jump again. Or should not. Some got back into play at age 69, with an artifical hip, disc prolapse or troubles in the neck.  One recovers from Guillain-Barré-Syndrom. 
One courageously tackles Multiple Sklerosis. 
One heals up splendidly after three ruptured ligaments in one ankle. 
One swings again after a severely strained shoulder.
Several evolve marvellously even after previous injuries in knees or back.  So much to say--
No matter which age, size, gender
No matter whether you deal with an injury or disease
No matter what anyone may claim
You can always play, learn and evolve!  You decide how to deal with difficulties
You choose what to learn from trouble
You command astounding self-healing powers.  Whatever is, you can as well make the best of it. ;)  What did you learn during times of injury or disease?
What helped you heal? In which ways did you change or adapt?  Music: Rocky Road to Dublin by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. Ft: Javolenus #trailer

Fall at the lake - The skilleder you are at falling, the mo' you dare.
Oh and then, cool water helps any sores too. ;)  Cheers to Amos Rendao, the founder of Parkour Ukemi: The Art of Falling who constantly inspires and recently published an amazing course all about the art of kissing the ground gently:  Music: Joey Singing #parkourEdu #parkourUkemi #trailer

It's in our nature - It's in our nature • to roam forests, be with a tribe, tackle stuff that scares us a little. Cooperate, create & play. Find solutions. Explore our abilities in ever new ways. Keep at what's worthwhile. Forget our ego. Realize what we actually value--and go for that. No matter which age, color or shoesize.  Music: The Shoes They Wear by Blue Dot Sessions, #trailer
Things you can build on sand... - What goes up better have some confidence in coming down ;)
After practicing rolls, following the extremely helpful take of Amos Rendao*, we launched into throwing ourselves and one other in many directions. Cheers everyone who came around—horde games are much more fun as a horde! :D  *not shown but much recommended! Please find more at • 
Music: Broke for free - Something elated • #parkour101 #parkouredu #ukemi #SeeAndDo #roughhousing #trailer
We‘re all too young to stop playing - Sometimes all it takes is the courage to start 
This Winter was special to me in this respect. Cooperating with our local family centre, we launched a communal movement project. Starting with a playful natural movement course geared to seniors (60+) it‘s intended to broaden into varied cross-generational activities, inviting everyone to reconnect while playing in & tracing nature.  This clip gives glimpses of our first three sessions. Our eldest at this time is around 70, some bring along an artificial hip joint, knee or herniated discs. Yet they choose to be courageous and, mindfully, reclaim their skills, freedom and the city.  And yep, spirited as they are, soon enough we‘ll paint the forest red too. :D  Cheers, Bernd Reicheneder (Betasport, Movnat München) for pointing out the importance of getups. This clip doesn't show, yet we're practicing lots of them and squats too.  Likewise many thanks to Brigitte Hikisch-Scaglione and the entire team of the Familienzentrum Mörfelden-Walldorf e.V. for encouraging & promoting this baby through all stages.  Further Info:  Music: Open those bright Eyes by Kevin MacLeod,
#parkour #play #movnat #seniors #SeeAndDo #trailer
Act as if you‘re courageous - Act as if you‘re courageous  You can teach an ol‘ human new tricks! Unlike in wolves or chimps, our human brain remains adaptive all through our adult stages. That means as long as you live, you are able to learn and adapt. Especially if you further this capacity by physical play, learning new skills, and frequent problem solving.  Every time you decide to face unfamiliar situations, practice something new or expose yourself to unused to conditions, you trigger an orchestra of internal messengers that allow your organism to adapt.  The more complex and sparkling a task, the more likely you grow new synapses and emit brain derived neurotrophic factors which help consoldidate and develop your entire nervous system.  Hence, the more regularly you explore something unwonted, interact, dare yourself, and push your limits—especially in joyful ways—the more skilled you get at learning and adapting to whatever may come your way.  So act as if you‘re courageous: Take a risk, get started, use that amazing body of yours, and push yourself to contribute what you deem valuable. To your team, your family, your job or community. Whether or not it seems to effect much.  Use your abilities and make some eyes sparkle. Including your own.  Music: Soulfood by • Jointly inspired by: • #parkour #play #Winter #SeeAndDo #parkourEdu #trailer
Live what you value - 🌱 Trust in your ability to grow
If there‘s something you‘d love to develop, begin. Feel too old/weak/stiff for XYZ? Debunk such doubts: No matter which age, we progress at whatever we do regularly. If you don‘t know how to start, gather some basic reliable advice. Learn and elaborate as you go.  🌿Trust in small steps
Tiniest steps effect more than ambitious plans. Start simple. Cut what intimidates you to tasks so ridiculously small you can‘t say no to. Practice regularly. Build a foundation. Focus on improving one wee detail at a time. If you progress 1% per practice—figure where that leads.  🍀 Trust in high spirits
Slap on a smile. Evoke a feeling of excitement for what you are doing. Visualize what you wish to create. The more vivid a mental image, the easier for our body to understand and fulfill. Cultivate a sanguine attitude. Cherish everything. Thank youself for taking the effort and appreciate every small achievement.*  🌳 Team up
You can do lots on your own. And then, more good arises where we mutually encourage, inspire and challenge each other. If you can‘t find a learning group, found one. Even being in touch with like minds on the evil web can further all involved.  * If you end up feeling too cocky, you can still go back to comparing yourself to some aces and run yourself down for everything you cannot yet pull off. ;)  Music: #parkour #movnat #play #trailer

Rebuild Resilience - If you wanna do folks a favor, tempt them to play!  Aside from turning us physically abler, physical play contributes to empathy, sharing, cooperation and trust while at the same time improving self-regulation, impulse control and creative solution finding. All qualities that render you more capable at dealing with stressful circumstances; enable you to maintain sound relationships, fend off depression, addiction, escapism and stay upbeat even in sight of dire straits. Oh and laugh at fails, as detailedly documented. ;)  In my experience it works like a charm: People thaw, drop pretenses, become more natural and cooperative. Also, with regular doses, oft enough gradually turn their lives around. Same for myself. What are your experiences and preferred games?  Based on:
Music: Ta plume by Kaceo,, Royalty free music found @ #parkour #play #ADD #SheCanTrace #SeeAndDo #parkourEDU #espritconcrete #mentalhealth #trailer

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