The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker

At times when facing a scary task, we jump right to thinking I can’t. This conclusion may manifest in our body so we feel we can’t even move right. But is it true? Unfortunately, taking it for given, we will never find out. Thus miss a precious chance to know and grow. Unless we reassess…

Let’s check!

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When we feel the familiar ‘I can’t’ – what if we take a honest look at the facts?

In most cases we are indeed able. Just afraid of imagined consequences.

Example: We are perfectly able to ask our spouse, boss or collegue for something that’s important to us.

Our fear of how the person might react is another story.

Fear of what might happen makes us unwilling to dare.

We still can. We’re still physically able to.

Likewise, if we can clear a 1 meter gap we’re physically able to. No matter whether it’s a puddle or 5 m above gound.

The element that makes the latter more demanding is our imagination of what could possibly go wrong.

Now if we decide to funk – not ask, try or jump – we’ll never find out whether the imagined consequences would ever happen. Which means we stay trapped in fear of our own phantasies.

Now doesn’t that sound like a crazy, sad way of living?